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  • Since Scott just got access to episodes of Barkley back when he was called Woof-Woof, and the guides imply he made barking sounds, does that mean Toby Towson now qualifies to be in the Muppet performer category?

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    • It honestly seems like a stretch to count animal noises as a "voice."

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    • I thought we had some footage of Toby Towson as Barkley barking. I can't remember if Barkley does any barking or sounds in A Special Sesame Street Christmas, but I thought it was Towson as Barkley in episode 1186 and that he barks there. 

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    • Oscarfan wrote: It honestly seems like a stretch to count animal noises as a "voice."

      And yet, we count Bruce Connelly as a Muppet performer.

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    • That was added by Tony in 2009, who considered barking a voice. I don't think it counts.

      I do think in this case, maybe we could allow him to go into that category just because he did a frequently-used character over a long period of time. But I'll let others chime in.

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    • The Barkley performers usually did whatever vocal sounds there were for the character, though it's not to the extent of a character with spoken dialogue. The description for the Muppet Performers category states that people who have done voice work and puppetry work on a Muppet project qualify.

      Towson feels like a stretch as he wasn't with Sesame for a long time, and his vocal work for Barkley seems to be minor and not readily available (Episode 1220 is the only one I've seen from this era where Barkley so much as howls). A better case can be made for Fred Garbo and Bruce Connelly, who've had longer tenures and their work has spanned multiple projects; not sure off the top of my head if any of which include albums or other audio appearances.

      So yeah, I don't know if I necessarily turned the tide here, but those are my thoughts.

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    • Bruce Connelly got credit for the barking in "Do the Dog" (they're even transcribed in the lyric sheet) on the Hot! Hot! Hot! Dance Songs album. Fred Garbo got credit for recording Barkley's vocalizations for the stage show Let's Play School. So both of those would have involved actually going into a recording studio, not just on-set sounds.

      Towson, going just by a script, it could have been his own barks or it could have been done in post (like Dick Maitland for Slimey) or it might have even changed in the final version (and in this case it's not even going by the script but by the guide summary of a script). Lacking any such credit or significant video/audio footage (a clip where Barkley howls a lot or something would count for me, and probably less likely to be done in post than shorter ambiance sounds which we're not even sure were there), I'm fine with keeping Toby Towson where he is. There's no shame or diminishment in counting those who were physical or pantomime suit performers as Muppet Puppeteers rather than Muppet Performers.

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