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This page is a crude reconstruction of an old thread that had been formerly housed at Special:Forum. In October 2020, our host retired the feature in favor of an off-site discussion tool that the Muppet Wiki community opted not to use (Forum:Index is our preferred community messaging system as its mechanics are compatible with Special:WhatLinksHere and other MediaWiki functionality, while the replacement is not). Threads from Special:Forum exist in our database archives and, when possible, an attempt will be made to reconstruct notable conversations that are required as documentation of how we came to consensus on various issues on the wiki, why and how we made decisions on how to organize, and other announcements that were important to the growth of the wiki. To access the contributor of a particular post, 1) determine which "Board Thread" is associated with the comment in the code of this page, 2) find the corresponding link here, and 3) view that comment's edit history.

Hey Nick. This wasn't on my radar then, but do you remember what source(s) you used to compile the Thomas Sanford page; in particular the specifics like performing Sam the Eagle and Beth Bear in the finale?<ac_metadata title="Thomas Sanford"> </ac_metadata>

Dang, talk about archives. Thanks Nick!


It seems to be a Facebook thread from a decade ago:





That, or hoarding. No prob!