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  • I haven't gotten around to guiding Episode 4935 yet, because the way it would be treated feels a little weird to me. I intended to make it like any other guide, but the original version was a 40-minute special with inserts tacked onto the end.

    I'm just wondering if we should change up our page of The Cookie Thief to reflect being more of an "episode" than "special." For one thing, unlike other specials, it doesn't have a unique title card and has an episode number like a normal episode.

    I feel like it compares to Big Bird's Birthday or Let Me Eat Cake, which aired as both an episode and prime-time special. As such, should we just format the page like an regular episode?


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    • I'd love to see Cookie Thief get the same treatment as Big Bird's Birthday and the Street We Live On.

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    • I think doing this will get us closer to guiding every episode of the show. It does have its own episode number and some segments, so I consider it an episode.

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    • The main hangup to me is that the story is one big block, not scenes spread out through the hour like those specials Anthony mentions.

      Would people be cool if I just detail like every plot point/scene in the big bulk story, or just transpose the description that's already there into a table?

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    • I vote for the second option.

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    • Well, alrighty then.

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    • A FANDOM user
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