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  • Hi there. I've noticed a few of your recent edits which primarily focus on rewording descriptions. Of note, your rewording of a description of an Ernie and Bert sketch in Episode 1708 breaks consistency with how said sketch is described in our guides for Episode 1434, Episode 2620 and its other appearances.

    Ditto for your most recent edit to the Grover/Rosita "Love" sketch in Episode 3851; and in this case, I don't think adding the word "must" is a major improvement to how it's currently written.

    So, you see what I'm saying, right? If there's one sketch description that's riddled with grammatical errors, than they should be corrected across all episode pages where the description appears; which is not impossible, but probably overwhelming. If you do find a problematic sketch description, it may be better to bring it to the attention of an administrator or mention it in a thread on the Forum. All the same, I would recommend focusing on something more productive for now. Thanks.

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    • I wasn't really changing what was being said as much as going for clarity. A lack of same tends to get in the way of the message being conveyed. Assuring clarity is an important part of the relationship between people and the media. I just want you to know that this is not me targeting Muppet Wiki; I've noticed the problem on much every wiki.

      Not to be difficult or anything, but wouldn't it be better to create templates for each of these segments in order to ensure consistency across descriptions of them?

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