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  • Hi Frederic! As Scott is pointing out, your edit summaries in a couple places, such as here, make it sound like you're not completely sure that all the firsts are accounted for. Before you make another similar change, remember to check in some way and make sure that you're sure.

    One way you can check if a sketch has a first appearance is by going to an image file page, like this one, to see what pages the image appears on in the About tab. Click on one of the episode pages shown, find the corresponding sketch on the guide and see if it has (First: Episode 0534). Does that make sense?

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    • I do see what you're saying. However, I DID go through several episode pages for all the 70's and 80's pageants and their respective first appearances were indeed confirmed. And seeing how all of Seasons 20-present are fully guided, I figure that the Island pageant's first appearance is correct, also looking at the Prairie puppet used there. I also went through all the Don Music inserts too.

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    • Thanks for clarifying. Your edits summaries made it sound like you weren't sure. I know we're close on a lot of these, but we should still be checking before we make the swap from EKA to First so definitively for an entire table.

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    • A FANDOM user
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