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  • Parking these images here as an easy internal source for us. Anyone who wants to add the character roles to our performer pages en masse and link to this as a source can go for it. These were posted as animated graphics on Warrick Brownlow-Pike's Instagram story, which I found yesterday. [1] Just today, the Henson Company posted these as still images on Facebook, so they're officially official. [2]

    One bone of contention is Kat Smee's credits; which mention Aughra, The Chamberlain and other roles that have been confirmed as being chiefly performed by other puppeteers. This could mean that Smee has mainly been assisting or doubling for those characters, but I can't verify. Clash and Smee are both credited for The General here, and I can't confirm one or the other as the main puppeteer, so for now I'm listing both on The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance cast list as a comprimise.

    Again, I'm mainly parking these images a traceable source, but constructive discussion towards this topic is welcome. Irrelevant comments will be deleted and if the thread starts to become a target for spam or unwanted comments, or if the questions raised here have been resolved, then the thread will be closed.

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    • Just of note: these were originally posted on the Henson Company's Instagram story; Warrick merely reposted them to his own.

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    • Having checked the on-screen credits, Kat Smee is credited only as "core puppeteer," which in this case seems to apply to those whose contributions are large enough not to fall under "Additional Puppeteers" but consist primarily of assisting/filling in or utility work rather than a specific principal role (every character listed under Smee has someone else as principal puppeteer, but given all the overlapping of scenes and that the main protagonist puppeteers all have other roles or some scenes in the documentary do show up to three puppeteers at once on one character, that would explain it). Apart from Smee, on-screen "Core Puppeteer" credit mostly seems to go to folks like Damian Farrell whose specific characters haven't been introduced in those episodes yet.

      I'm trying to figure out a way to redo the cast section, since the text list and gallery overlap and sort of collide (and also include characters who only appear in one episode, like Mira or the narrating Myth Speaker, since they reflect advanced publicity more than final viewing). The final additional puppeteer section will be huge (including a lot of returning Creature Shop vets from the UK, even Angie Passmore who hasn't had a screen credit in years, plus most of the Irish Pajanimals/Furchester Hotel support crowd).

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