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  • The reason we never had an article for Muppets Live Another Day was that we never had a credible source. The only report I ever found for it at the time originated from some site called Splash Report (and who the heck are they?).

    But now both The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline — even amidst the official announcement of Muppets Now — are still claiming that Muppets Live Another Day continues development. Deadline even says it "went to pilot" (does that mean a pilot script was completed and turned in to the studio? That phrasing usually means they *filmed* a pilot).

    The sources seem to confirm Josh Gad's involvement and include ABC's Once Upon a Time showrunners Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis as working on the project. They also repeat the bit about it being a direct sequel to The Muppets Take Manhattan.

    So my question is this: now that we have two credible sources, and it seems there's a pilot, should we have an article for Muppets Live Another Day or should we cover this in the development history section of Muppets Now?

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    • I think it can be a separate thing and if it doesn't get made, it just becomes an "Unfinished" project.

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    • The Mindset says on Twitter that Another Day is not happening, so I think the info is fine where it is.

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