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  • Per Muppet Wiki:Coverage, do we want to create categories specially relating to The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance? A new user created a page for the new character SkekMal (The Hunter). In this case, would we want to categorize it under The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance characters to distinct it from characters who originate from the film, or are the existing categories enough? Where do we stand on this?

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    • It's a direct extension of something Jim made while he was alive, so I think extended coverage is warranted.

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    • Since several Age of Resistance characters (including SkekMal) originated in graphic novel material first, if we did a new category, it would probably be "Dark Crystal spin-off characters" (I think one or two were already plunked in, as with Category:Labyrinth Characters).

      My only real caveat would be changing performer boxes for movie characters (as someone did once). Even though the online series has more episodes, it makes more sense to either discuss such changes first or treat the movie performers in box and anything else in performer history (there's some audio soundalikes from the Buena Vista book and record if we wanted to go that far, and the tie-in video game may use soundalikes rather than the same voices).

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    • I’d agree on having a performer or casting history section for returning characters. A “Dark Crystal spin-off characters” category sounds logical as well.

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    • One thing to consider in creating character pages is that there is a Dark Crystal Wiki where it seems many of the character pages have been created, so we need to be careful not to plagiarize. The pages that I saw relating to the Age of Resistance characters cite this pdf, dated 2013; an author's resource used for the Author's Quest contest.

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    • A "Spin-off Characters" category sounds messy to me. I think Category:Dark Crystal Characters is fine and we specify in their articles what media they appear in.

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    • A FANDOM user
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