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  • Hi Maria, regarding this edit, it looks like you accidentally replaced Caroline Foxworth before you created a new header for The Dark Crystal.

    Just so you know, the wiki has a feature where you can preview what the page will look like before you save it, and also a feature that will show you the changes you've made before you hit the publish button. They're both over on the right-hand side of the edit window.

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    • Hi Maria, a couple of things:

      You may have noticed that, for the most part, a majority of images on the site are aligned to the right side of an article at 300 pixels wide. This is the proper format for that:

      [[File:imagename.jpg|thumb|300px|Optional caption here.]]

      Also, they should be grouped together in the code, not just thrown in randomly as seen here. In that same edit, you can see that a YouTube link was misplaced. I'm not sure how that happened, but please be careful not to upset the layout of text when you edit a page.

      Finally, while it can be tricky to figure this out, use some discretion with where new information goes. While the anecdote about Walter is notable on his own page, a bulleted collection of interactions isn't really interesting on her own page (as seen here) and could start to be seen as a bit of a mess after a while.

      As always, please use the preview and show changes tools I described above. When used properly, they'll keep the rest of the community from having to clean up after the fact. And we want to maintain a neat and organized wiki. Thanks!

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    • Okay Scott, after this i'm gonna use the preview and show changes!

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    • Great! Also, there's always the Muppet Wiki:Sandbox where you can test out edits without worrying about changing a live article.

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    • A FANDOM user
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