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  • Hi, Scott (and, by extension, other Wiki admins and users):

    As you may know, there were some jugglers who appeared in Sesame Street clips, predominantly from Seasons 8 through 10. They were Paul Binder and Michael Christensen (the 'frequent' ones), as well as Judy Finelli and Michael Moschen. In Episode 1177 (Season 9), there's a clip where four jugglers juggle 12 pins. Two of them - Paul and Michael C. - are named, but are the other two in the clip's picture (called 'two other jugglers') Judy and Michael M.? If so, can we change it so that they are identified? Just wanted some others to verify who they are before someone changes the description of the clip. Thanks in advance.

    P.S. Actually, comments by Paul Binder on YouTube for the clip involving Oscar's Bowling Alley seem to indicate that Judy and Michael M. were the other two jugglers, but I just wanted others to verify. Thanks.

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    • Judy is named in the script for 1070. I'd have to do a visual comparison to see if she's in any others. If you can be specific with wiki links, that would be helpful.

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    • Hi, Scott:

      OK, here's the image. Please let me know when you have a chance. Thanks.

      Four jugglers in limbo
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    • A FANDOM user
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