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  • Hey, Andrew! I've been taken in a totally different direction lately, concerning Carol Burnett. I don't know if you get MeTV, which is a rerun channel on free TV and cable, but I've been watching Carol Burnett reruns on there for a while. I don't know if you know this, but the half-hour Carol Burnett and Friends (cut down from the hour-long Carol Burnett Show) only showed episodes from 1972 to 1977. Apparently, there were some legal issues with the shows from 1967 to 1972. But earlier this year, MeTV announced that they were now going to show episodes from the first 5 years! Well, since we know that Carol showed up in Episode 0001, I was hoping that there would be some jokes about Sesame Street that we've never seen before. So far, I've encountered four, and they're all from between 1970 and 1972! The only problem was that the jokes came and went so fast, I wasn't able to write them down. I was able to write down notes to myself regarding the basic joke, and who the guest stars were that night. I've always wanted a Carol Burnett show-by-show guide, because it always bugged me that the shows were all cut in half (usually because of music rights). Well, after doing some digging, I found a book about variety shows (from McFarland, of course), and Carol's book about the history of the show, and they both have episode guides! So now I'm in the process of putting my own guide together (Carol's is in production order, and there are some typos or errors when you compare both books), but I wanted to let you know, and I've got a couple of questions:

    1) There were a lot of guests on her show who worked with the Muppets, as you can imagine. Can we put them on the Projects with Muppet Cast Connections page, or

    2) Since we now have 4 Sesame references on the show, can The Carol Burnett Show get its own page, and we can mention all of the guest stars there?

    As a side note, the show for 11/17/69 says that Vicki Lawrence and one of the dancers did a number called "Manamana". That's literally a week after the premiere of SS. Could it be the same song, or is it too early? I checked Mahna Mahna's page, and it didn't show up until 11/27/69, and then Ed Sullivan on 11/30/69. Was Jim doing this before then, or did he maybe show Carol? It's intriguing, and I'm hoping that this is one of the episodes that's on DVD. Also, I keep hearing that CBS is now streaming all 11 seasons of Carol Burnett, but I'm having trouble finding where. CBS All Access doesn't have them, and Amazon has a few from all over the place, but if you know where they're showing all 11 years, please let me know. Seeing uncut Carol Burnett shows would be one of my lifelong dreams, as well as finally knowing the airdates and guest stars she had. I figured you'd be the one to tell about this, because I tend to write long posts about this kind of stuff.

    Thanks for your help, and I need to write you about some other stuff soon!

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    • This is exciting! As far as getting a page, four references plus her charlady appearing on The Muppet Show justifies a page and place for the connections. If you want to leave descriptions here, I can work them up, or you can start the page yourself and I'll fix anything.

      Apparently CBS announced the streaming rights in January 2018 but haven't actually distributed them anywhere yet. Possibly saved for All Access but who knows (they added the first five or so seasons of PERRY MASON fairly recently, so it could still be pending). As for "Mahna Mahna," other sources confirm that's what it was; Amazon has the date and what I *think* is the episode but you have to buy the episode (here, volume 1, episode 12; date matches, can't quite tell from the description). I'd check it out myself but I lost my wallet on the bus yesterday, so waiting a few weeks for a new debit card (and everything else that needs replacing).

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    • If that Amazon link is the same episodes as the "Lost Episodes" DVD, I can get that from the library and scope it out.

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    • Yeah, I'm hoping whoever gets them will have them all, and I'll just buy gift cards to watch them online. I can't wait for HBO to put all 50 years of Sesame Street online! (Although I really just want 1969-1990!)

      Just for fun, here are the jokes as I roughly remember them (at least I know they'll be on again next year, and I can wait for them!):

      1) 10/26/70 skit with Carol and Bernadette Peters in a bridal shop, discussing their boyfriends. Carol: "My boyfriend doesn't even understand Sesame Street."

      2) 11/30/70 skit with Carol and Debbie Reynolds trying to film a coffee commercial, and one of them says she has to go because she has to watch Sesame Street.

      3) 11/24/71 skit called "Ironstreet & Wife". A cop is trying to explain something to the criminal over and over, and somebody says, "What is this, Sesame Street?"

      4) Paul Lynde in a skit from the 1971-1972 season (he was on a bunch of times), where he's a criminal talking about a stash of counterfeit money: "I learned it on Sesame Street."

      I'm sure there are more, and that's why I'd love to see the uncut shows. I'm sure they also spoofed SS in their musical numbers at least once, since the show was such a cultural explosion.

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    • I just read about the skit that was mentioned on Carol Burnett's page, and I have some raw data to add to it. The wiki says:

      A 1970 episode of The Carol Burnett Show also featured a Sesame spoof, "Poppyseed Street", with the cast imitating Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch.

      McFarland's Television Variety Shows says:

      12/7/70: [Guest stars on this episode are] Don Rickles, [and] Mel Torme. Adult-oriented "Sesame Street" spoof, "Poppyseed Street", with cameos by Lucille Ball, "Mama" Cass Elliot, Ricardo Montalban, Dean Martin, Jim Nabors, and Dick Martin.

      There is more on that week's show, but I wrote out the part that's relevant for us. It seems odd that that the Sesame parody featured a bunch of surprise cameos, and not the main guest stars for that week, unless it was pre-taped. Since I'm not sure who exactly was in the sketch, I thought I would leave it here for now. Also, from Googling Poppyseed Street, there seems to have been a score written for it that is now in storage at UCLA, so now I'm wondering if they did any parody songs or any original songs during that number/sketch. It looks like Danny added that information to her page. Maybe this will be a show that we can track down. So make that 5, 5 Sesame references on The Carol Burnett Show! Ah-ah-ah!

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    • Wow on Poppyseed. It reminds me of this recent find: The Many Faces of Comedy.

      It's also probable the book just listed all the cameos, not just those in the listed skit. The episode doesn't circulate right now, so it may require document tracking or waiting for CBS to release their bounty. (Coincidentally, CBS just started putting out Ben Casey and Our Miss Brooks on DVD, we'l see how far they get with either as they're doing the ever annoying "Season One, Volume One" which doesn't guarantee even finishing that season).

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    • Update: from the December 7, 1970 TV listing for the Lowell Sun (in Massachusetts): " Street may never be the same after The Carol Burnett Show's spoof, Poppyseed Street. This is for adults, with Carol as a sexy Miss Trixie and cameo guests teaching us words." So the cameo info may apply or mostly apply to that sketch after all.

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    • Hi! I thought I'd take a stab at a page for The Carol Burnett Show. Feel free to jump on if you want to.

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    • I did some sprucing up of the connections (I don't think there's a way to alphabetize automatically in a list) to match other shows like Saturday Night Live. Also tied in Mama's Family (which conceivably could be merged, especially as one of the mentions there was by Carol Burnett as Eunice), but since it mostly took on a life of its own in syndication, might just stay there.

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    • Thanks! You listed some people I didn't know about!

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    • A FANDOM user
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