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  • Once again, do not make changes to performer boxes for major characters unless there's a full consensus. While it seemed to be heading towards the "various" in previous discussion, it needed a clearer consensus.

    And you undid an admin's edit and edit warred again. We've warned you over and over. I'm not sure why you keep forgetting this.

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    • I forgot nothing! This time, I only did that to let you know that I started a new discussion so it wouldn't get ignored, alright?

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    • Also, the previous active conversation was closed due to your misbehavior. There was no clear consensus then either.

      When you followed up in a new thread months later and no one replied, that did not give you the right to just make changes, which the admins have told you, time and again.

      Also, did you ever read the polices and guidelines as you were advised here? You continue to edit in a spirit contrary to cooperation.

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    • And you do not edit war, especially with an admin who left a clear explanation, to avoid being ignored. You're on the brink of being blocked unless you can show you're truly willing to collaborate, stop breaking rules which you've been warned about again and again, and to understand how consensus works on a wiki when it comes to major changes.

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    • You're still using phrases like "only option" and going back to the changes you wanted to make without permission. You didn't reply to my last two messages, and your first reply in this thread was basically to say "I know the rules and ignored them to get attention." I'd actually forgotten about your December block, and in March you repeated the behavior and then edit warred, which normally would have meant you'd already be blocked. You've done the same again.

      You need to show a clear willingness and an understanding of what collaboration (working with others, not just editing what you want; you can start your own wiki or blog for that) and consensus (what the majority agrees on). You've also never said whether you actually read the policies and guidelines which I keep linking to you. Respond here and start showing that in your edits (every time you edit war, you just get pages protected. By normal policy, you've already committed enough violations to warrant a permablock so this is your final warning.

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    • I have read the polices and understand. I will be much more careful when it comes to editing.

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    • A FANDOM user
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