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  • With the new trailer of Elmo's talk show coming out, do we make articles for guest of the show who don't have one yet now, or make them once they appear on the show? Also do we add to guest page's that already have a page that they are going to be on the show?

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    • We've added pages for future Sesame Street guests before. The problem with that is the wording is tricky. If we say "Blake Likely will be a guest on the show" and then forget about it when the episode airs, we potentially have that sentence sticking around on the wiki for ages before someone notices.

      So, it's not prohibited, but the wording has to be clever.

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    • We need to source all of that. Right now, I have no idea who you're even talking about. It does usually help to have a picture first if it's an appearance that hasn't aired, but we have created advance pages for Sesame Street guests. If you want to start screengrabbing the guests you mean from the trailer (and link to that trailer too), that would help. But right now the show is slightly over a month away anyway, compared to when we get press releases listing guests months in advance, so it won't be long (and it is easier when we can say which episodes they are actually in).

      (Edit: Written while Scott was writing his.)

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    • Here's the trailer CJ is talking about (YouTube)

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    • A FANDOM user
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