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  • In adding one of the most "WTF" candidates of obscure Muppet mentions to our little place on the web, may I present to you: In Search of the Ultra-Sex?!

    I almost created a page of its own for the film, just to have this lovely poster up as well, but figured that the brief scene really doesn't warrant it. But it's still quite a funny, utterly odd addition. I became aware of the film through the German dub, led by comedian Oliver Kalkofe (partly responsible for Der Wixxer, which you once added). Here's the English-subtitled trailer for it. Emoji-attitude Weird stuff! Emoji-crazy Emoji-confused Emoji-eek Emoji-oops Emoji-redface Emoji-wink Emoji-sing

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    • Delayed response for medical reasons, but every time I tell Scott "This is the weirdest visual mention to date," I just *know* there's something even stranger out there. (This time, they'll have to work overtime though!)

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    • (Hope everything's alright, re: medical reasons!)

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    • Better mostly. I was knocked down by a hit and run driver (still waiting to return to work and get physical therapy, but lots of friends have been helping and the state's crime victims services fund will cover medical costs), but alas my doctor was not Linda Lavin and it did not lead to a dull but lucrative advertising career.

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    • Oh boy! Well, at least you weren't found in the nude (presumably), the incident didn't lead to amnesia (evidently) AND you still know that "soap will get you clean" (especially during a pandemic)... Emoji-smile

      Glad you've had lots of help and that, most of all, you're mostly better!

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    • A FANDOM user
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