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  • Hi Scott, so just let me be here to clarify something.

    In the Sesame Street video, What's the Name of that Song? from 2004, it is shown that one of the clips featured in this video is the 1998 version of Everybody's Song featuring guest star Diana Krall, played after the 8th framing scene where Gabi and Miles sing a brief portion about it to Super Grover, Elmo and some kids. However, according to Youtube of a video rip of this video, instead of playing the mentioned song, the OG version of Elmo's Song plays instead. And before you come to mention that I am kidding about this, NO I AM NOT. And from what I can tell from this video, it clearly does not look like there was any bad editing between the transitions. So, for this case, is it safe to clarify its appearence in some releases of this video?


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    • Hi Chewie. What release would we be referring to if we were to make a note about it?

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    • Maybe the uploader just badly edited the song in; which is part of the reason why we can't always use YouTube as a source. If we don't have a record of it being commercially released that way, it shouldn't be noted.

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    • Like I said, this probably wasn't badly edited. Judging video quality, this video was done from a VCD, due to resoulution. I could assume this video is the rip of the Singapore and Malaysia release, considering that subtitles are embedded on some portions of it. Then again, I could be biased and I will have to do research on it. So if anyone out there who may notice this talk page, has owned the video in any format and notice this difference, feel free to message here and clarify.

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    • I own this video on DVD and can confirm Elmo's Song is not in the video; it is Everybody's Song that is played. I'm assuming that particular rip of the video edited the former song in possibly because the guy might have gotten a copyright strike before when uploading the video and decided to replace it with Elmo's Song instead.

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    • A FANDOM user
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