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  • Hey Scott, I hope you're doing well.

    FANDOM is currently in negotiations with Disney+ to produce celebrity interviews hosted by the Muppets. We're wondering if this would be something that your community would be interested in promoting here on the wiki? Would this be something that we would be able to continue promoting here on the wiki as more episodes are released?

    Currently, we have the following celebs on the slate - RuPaul, Taye Diggs, Danny Trejo, Roy Choi, Aubrey Plaza, and Seth Rogen.

    We're hoping to close on the deal soon, so I hope to hear back from you!

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    • Hey, Corey. Sounds like fun. What kind of promoting would you be looking for us to do?

      Also, how is the DPLForum thing going we talked about at thread:292246?

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    • Hey, thanks for your super quick response.

      For now, we're thinking that the interviews could be treated as any other Muppet episode would be, with a page created for it, a page created for the celebrity being interviewed, as well as having the latest "episode" highlighted in the sidebar on the main page. There may be changes to that ask though, so that's not 100% certain just yet. I'll ask around to see what the others are thinking and will get back to you as soon as I find something out.

      In regards to the bot, I've looked into creating one for you and, while it's definitely doable, it's something that I don't currently have the time to work on alone. If you have any experience with Node then we could start working on one together though. Sorry for the lack of response on that, not sure how that one fell off my radar.

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    • With the exception of Roy Choi, you'll find that we already have pages for the guests you've listed. If you can get us a list of the episode titles and premiere dates, we can get started on them right away.

      I'm not sure what you mean by a bot for DPLForums. Isn't it just what they're using at w:c:memoryalpha:Memory_Alpha:Forums?

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    • Hey Scott, sorry for my late reply. We've drawn up a list of the changes we'd like to work on during the promotional campaign. You can find them below.

      Muppet Wiki Community Design + Content Updates

      • Muppet Wiki homepage spiff/redesign themed to Muppets Now Disney+ campaign
      • Muppets Now featured on Muppet Wiki homepage with graphic and descriptive copy, linking to wiki article page for the series
      • Contextual tune-in messaging for the series on homepage and Muppets Now wiki article page (Ex. “Muppet Now is now streaming on Disney+”)
      • Muppets Now series page(s) updated for accuracy, any needed design improvements, and promotional messaging
      • Create new Muppets Now series episode pages in collaboration with community
      • Perform relevant wiki content updates for characters, cast, and creative talent with any new information specific to Muppets Now

      Muppets Now Assets + Promotional Video Seeding

      • Seed all provided Muppets Now promotional assets and series info on Muppet Wiki, including TBD video promo content
      • Feature TBD video promo content on Muppet Wiki homepage (rotating as updated), Muppets Now series article page (video gallery), and individually appropriate Muppets Now episode article pages

      Now the above would be guaranteed for the duration of the promotional campaign, however, once the campaign is over you and your community would be free to make any changes you deem necessary. How does this sound to you?

      In regards to the bot, I meant one that watches for edits on forum pages, grabs a list of past editors to that forum post, then leaves a talk page/message wall post for those editors mentioning the new edit. As far as I'm aware, Memory Alpha has no such bot like this.

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    • Hi Cörey, thanks for the breakdown. I've passed this along to the other admins to discuss and I'll get back to you shortly.

      • Until what date is the campaign expected to last?
      • How soon can you provide a list of the episode titles and premiere dates?

      I'm excited about testing the forum bot on w:c:scarecroe-testing-wiki. When can we get started? With no known date for the UCP change, this is a high priority for us as a means of communication on the wiki when you take Special:Forum away.

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    • The campaign doesn't have a set time frame just yet, it depends on how our conversations with HBO Max go. As soon as I find out, I'll make sure to let you know.

      We're still waiting to hear back with a list of episode titles and premiere dates. Same as above, I'll update you as soon as I have those.

      In regards to creating a bot to handle forum notifications, plenty of other communities use DPLforum and have not had any issues when it comes to the lack of notifications. On a scale of 1-10, how important are these to you? Is this an absolute requirement for the community or could some other workaround be found?

      With other communities at least, if there's ever anything urgent that has to be discussed immediately, the user creating the forum will usually go around and leave messages for the other users. I'd hate for us to waste time working on a bot that handles this, just for the community to not like it and choose to disable it.

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    • You mean Disney+ where Muppets Now will be streaming.

      if there's ever anything urgent that has to be discussed immediately, the user creating the forum will usually go around and leave messages for the other users.

      That's a very poor system that creates an enormous amount of work for contributors. We all have jobs and lives off of the wiki and we don't want to spend our wiki'ing time doing menial tasks. So, a notification system is pretty important, which is why Special:Forum was developed in the first place.

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    • Muppets Now search results Fandom 2020-07-27

      Is this still happening?

      Also, please forward these search results to the Fandom search team. Appears to be broken again, and probably not conducive to the present ad campaign.

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    • A FANDOM user
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