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  • Hi, Lucas:

    I see that you added a picture to Episode 0793, which is a 'recycle' of Episode 0523.  I was just wondering if you (or anyone) could check to verify if the sponsors for both of those episodes are B, N, and 9, or B, Y, and 9.  I'm going by the content of what I see in the segments for those two episodes, and was told to always ask before dealing with episode sponsors when I don't have actual footage or notes at my disposal.  I don't do this (i.e. asking about sponsors) as much as I used to, but for some reason those episodes 'stick out' for me every time I visit the Wiki, and I thought 'Why not inquire?'  Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

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    • This might be a mistake by the listings in Tucson Daily Citizen or something. Who knows what the episode was brought to them today by? Maybe the person who announced the sponsors said the wrong letter where we've might have seen skits about the letter Y. Same couldn't be said with Episode 3423.

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    • OK, thanks.  There's always the possibility of mistaken sources.  But I guess for now we'll leave it as is.  Thanks again.

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    • A FANDOM user
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