Hi, you're still having trouble in this area. So far we've left multiple messages for you explaining what counts as a reference to the Muppets. Any "could be" like that owl sazophone on a tie bit you keep bringing up doesn't count. Many of the others you added before were just a shared word, or not even the words you thought you heard.

I checked the Loud House episode that uses the name Dorothy. It's a fish but nothing specifies what kind. It's closer and kind of interesting as a coincidence, but as we've told you, it has to be very obvious, not just "This is the same name or species or a similar word." I also asked you to really stay away from that page, or *else* start a forum thread ("Does this count as a reference?" or whatever).

Respond this time so we know you understand (communication is vital to Muppet Wiki, and continued lack of response and contrary actions despite admin warnings mean a block) and definitely do not re-add any claim we've already removed (like that owl thing) and explained toy why. That's edit warring with admins. Thanks. <ac_metadata title="Muppet mentions yet again"> </ac_metadata>

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