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Thanks for weighing in, Ken! I thought that might have been the case (and of course we often see it added retroactively on movies that had no rating at all when released, but with no explanation). That's one of the reasons I really don't like including that in the infobox (that and the sheer number of Creature Shop or effects entries, since to start doing it on a few at random, we'd need to be consistent) but for the new film, it's an exception worth making at least until it's no longer current/news, and it's a major Muppet production as well (compared to Honey which is prop/effects, and Rat and Buddy which we cover in more detail but are still Henson/Creature Shop projects so varying ratings for those aren't a surprise).

For It's a Very Merry..., it wasn't even released theatrically, the rating was added to the DVD packaging as we note, so in my opinion it shouldn't be there at all but noted in the section on DVD release.

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