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Yeah, I get it. I saw the huge edit summary, so I can take a "hint" ;) Yes, I realize that it works better on Lucas' page.

For the record, I was *not* the person who starting doing the "same ownership" thing. Some user a long time ago put the "same ownership" note on the Pixar article, and the only thing I did there was add Bear in the Big Blue House. So when it came to the Marvel pages, I followed suit.

While we're on the topic; I know for a fact that there are still MANY people out there who don't know that Disney owns Marvel. So just because "people already know that" doesn't mean that *everyone* does. Heck, just because info is well documented online, doesn't mean that people are always willing to look for it. ;) There will always be people who are not well-informed. But I digress.

As of this writing, I notice that you have not edited out the note on the Marvel characters pages, so feel free to, its no skin off my nose. I learned a long time ago that in a wiki, people will not always agree on how or what things should be documented. And I have also learned that just because something is a "rule" doesn't necessarily mean that it *needs* to be done the same way every time.

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