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Hello Fred. I had been writing this before I saw your most recent messages, but I still wanted to say a few things because I felt I had to. When I initially replied to your post on Scott's wall, I was reacting to the fact that you were really making a bigger deal out of the issue than it needed to be. As evidenced by Scott's recent revert and comment, it did seem that he was annoyed and probably in a rush. I agree that it was out of line, but maybe he couldn't think of a better explanation for reverting like Wendy did. None of us are perfect, you know. Not even admins.

In most of your recent comments referring to Scott, it seemed like you were attacking him verbally, especially in (even hypothetically) calling him "lazy" and "inconsiderate", and saying things like "who do you think you are?" To an administrator and co-founder? To me, that seems like the bigger crime than leaving a small comment like Scott's telling you to stop. Frustrated outbursts like that not only makes it worse for you and Scott, it makes it worse for everyone else here.

However, I'm happy that now you've come to more reasonable conclusions with Danny and Wendy. Perhaps leaving the Wiki for a time is called for, that is if you still feel uncomfortable working here right now. If you do leave, I'll await your return and hopefully Scott can patch things up with you. You are a great contributor, and a very loyal follower to the Wiki rules, but I just feel you were thinking about all this too hard.

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