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Yeah, I get where you are coming from.

Honestly, at the time it was more of a shock, knee-jerk reaction, I still don't appreciate the comment, It was not exactly how one wants to be addressed. And this is not the first time that Scott's actions have left me scratching my head.

But for the record, I do have to point out that with whatever I said, it all sounded worse that I was really feeling, I'm sure you know that it is very easy to sound "loud" and angry in text. Sometimes people just want to be heard. I am not a trouble maker.

And honestly, I would appreciate if I did not have to discuss this anymore with anyone. (Seriously) I don't want to give this anymore life.

Believe me, I have read what you have all said, I understand. Mistakes were made, lessons were learned.

I just want to put this behind me, and I don't want to hear about it anymore.

So please spread the word and if at all possible, please delete some of my previous comments on Scott's wall, most of the stuff was just rambling I would rather that it not stay around.

Just please let everyone know that I am sorry and regret that this happened.

Thanks for the words on this matter, I appreciate your thoughts. :)

I will still take a break from the wiki. All these "unwritten rules" of editing can be very disorienting.

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