Written by Jeff Moss and Joe Raposo
Date 1970
Publisher Festival Attractions Inc
Stage Harbor Publishing Inc
First Episode 0077

"Three of These Things" is the sorting song on Sesame Street that accompanies a game in which the singer points out "three of these things" that belong together, and a fourth item that does not. (In contrast to another song that asks the inverse question.)

A common variation of the song is "Three of These Kids" (referred to by scripts as the "Activity" series), which features a four-way split screen with three children performing one activity, plus a fourth child "doing his own thing."


Picture Singer First Appearance Subjects
Bob Episode 0077 Hammer, glue, nails, brush
Susan Episode 0083 Silverware and a clock
0095 07
Bob Episode 0095 writing tools and kitchenware
0122 07
Mr. Hooper Episode 0122 sports balls
0135 01
Oscar the Grouch Episode 0135 Rancid sneaker, tattered glove, messed up sock, and nice hat.
Bob Episode 0136 Hot dog, mustard, bun, and flower.
0148 04
Mr. Hooper Episode 0148 pencils, scissors, balls, and erasers
Bob Episode 0158 Fruit
Bob Episode 0158 Knick-Knacks
0171 06
Susan and Bob Episode 0171 Kitchenwares and cleaning items
Mr. Hooper Episode 0179 Groups of candy
0207 Three of These Things
Susan Episode 0207 toy animals
Kermit and Susan Episode 0276 Hammer, shoe, pliers, and a saw

Three birds and a frog
Maria Episode 0306 Spanish foods
0315 04
Luis Episode 0315 Vegetables
0329 04
Gordon Episode 0329 triangles and a square
Susan Episode 0330 boxes
0396 Three of These Things Susan
Susan Episode 0396 hammer, knife, spoon, and fork
0396 Three of These Things Luis
Luis Episode 0396 a taco, a hamburger, a hot dog, and a sneaker
Grover and Susan Episode 0406 Car and three animals
0504 04
Maria Episode 0504 Big and small barns
0506 06
Luis Episode 0506 three circles and one octagon
Luis Episode 0515 Trash cans and a frying pan (in spanish)
0593 02
Bert Episode 0593 winter apparel
Spies sorting tools
Bob and Maria Episode 0593 Tools and a tricycle.
Bob and The Kids Episode 0597 Shovels
Bob, Luis and David Episode 0598 A scarf, hat, glove and book
0599 03
Gordon, Chris, and Stephanie Episode 0599 numbers and a triangle
Gordon and Maria Episode 0723 Drinks and a potato
0725 03
Cookie Monster Episode 0725 Cookies and store appliances
0798 03
Sam the Robot Episode 0798 Sam's appliance friends
0835 08
Susan Episode 0835 snow shovel, toboggan, wagon, and sled
0894 03
Bob, Abby and Percy Episode 0894 pictures of animals and a carrot
Linda Episode 0901 Fruit and a shoe
0915 03
Bob (with Ernie) Episode 0915 Vacuum, carpet sweeper, broom, and blender
Mr. Hooper, Oscar the Grouch and Ernest the Grouch Episode 0954 circles and squares
David Episode 1017 hats and a glove
1181 03a
David Episode 1181 hats and spaghetti
Oscar the Grouch Episode 1789 Cards, a checkerboard, sandwiches and a Pac-Worm arcade game
David and Forgetful Jones Episode 1919 tools and a banana
Bob, Luis, the kids, Oscar and 2 Grouches Episode 2044 Violins and a flute
Buster the Horse Episode 2080 Farming tools and a hat
2361 02a
Buster the Horse Episode 2192 An enlarged Slimey and his small worm friends
Edith Prickley (Andrea Martin) Episode 2203 Boots and Pumps
The Big Bad Wolf, The Three Little Pigs, and Kermit - Sesame Street News Flash Episode 2329 Three pigs and one frog
Jay Leno and Big Bird Episode 2408 Three triangles and one circle
Luis, Telly, and the kids Episode 2421 Three stars and one moon
2621 Three of These Things
adolescent Maria Episode 2621 clock, doll, yo-yo, and toy car
Prince and the Charmings Episode 2708 Three sneakers and glass slipper
Ruby and Gordon Episode 2721 Various noses
Oscar the Grouch Episode 2738 toy car, checkerboard, cards, and sandwiches

Maria, Gina, and Telly Monster Episode 2746 When Oscar shows up while Maria, Gina, and Telly are making Oscar's favorite dish - a hat with ice cream and a fish inside - they play an impromptu game of this, featuring a hat, fish, ice cream, and apple.
Big Bird and the adults Episode 2747 Big Bird, Susan, Luis, and Linda.
Big Bird, Bob, Luis, Maria, and Gabriella Episode 2747 Three adults and a child
Oscar the Grouch Episode 2852 Ice cream and balls
Telly, Savion, and the kids Episode 2953 A toy rocket ship, a pair of tap-shoes, a toy airplane, and a toy helicopter.
Ruthie, Telly, Merry Monster, and the kids Episode 3164 A roller skate, towel, soap, and a Rubber Duckie.
Gina, Zoe, Alice, and kids Episode 3757 A squirrel, a teddy bear, a penguin, and a drum.
Gina, Zoe, Rosita, and Miles perform "Three of These Dings" Episode 3824 Gina's ding hat, the Zoemobile bell, a hand bell, and a xylophone.
Elmo and Telly Episode 3867 Flowers, Telly, a butterfly, and a sign
Cookie Monster and Ernie Episode 3943 A hamburger, a cookie, pizza and a fajita
Elmo and viewer Episode 3967 A soccer ball, a jump rope, jacks and Stinky the Stinkweed
Big Bird and Cookie Monster Episode 3981 A cookie, a hat, a t-shirt, and a shoe
Big Bird and Snuffy Episode 3992 Oscar, a hat, a mat, and a cat (Little Murray Sparkles)
Maria and kids Episode 3993 A kangaroo, a rabbit, a fish and a grasshopper
Big Bird, Elmo, Zoe, Luis, Maria, H-Man Episode 4115 A helicopter, a hippopotamus, a ball and a hexagon
Oscar the Grouch and Alan Episode 4118 Food scraps and a button

Three of These Kids

Picture Singer First Subjects
Luis Episode 0408 Three kids as police officers, one as a fire fighter.
Luis Episode 0413 Three kids, one of them is upside-down.
David Episode 0415 Three kids are jumping rope, but the fourth one is sitting down and reading a book.
Luis Episode 0418 Three kids playing basketball, one playing baseball.
Luis Episode 0449 Three kids holding umbrellas, one kid without an umbrella.
David Episode 0450 Three kids riding a bicycle, two kids riding a tandem bike.
Luis Episode 0463 Three kids wearing winter clothes, one kid in shorts.
David Episode 0474 Three kids lifting weights, one kid sitting down.
Bob Episode 0536 Three kids playing baseball, one playing football.
Sorting by Activity Rock Dancing
Bob Episode 0551 Three kids dancing, one sitting.
Bob Episode 0606 Three kids playing basketball, one kid sweeping.



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