The evolution of Tiffy.

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The first Tiffy puppet started as a pink bird with tulle hair and was performed by only one puppeteer. Therefore, Tiffy could move only one hand at a time. This changed in the second season, when a second puppeteer began performing her hands. The puppet had eye movement mechanisms.

A new Tiffy puppet is built, because of a fire that destroyed all the Sesamstrasse Muppets. Her tulle hair is reshaped slightly, making her head appear flat, she is a lighter pink now, her palm is made from a darker, silky material. She also has slightly shrunken eyes, and her eyelids lose their mechanism for movement, making her appear droopier than before.
All Sesamstrasse Muppets are rebuilt in an effort to update the program. Tiffy, while still referred to as a bird, now has a fuzzy beak and pink feathery hair instead of the pink camisole. Her eyelids change from a slight wave shape to a simpler curve shape, allowing her to look happy at times, like when her mouth is open.
This is the last version of Tiffy. Tiffy is now referred to as a "Monster Child," is a different pink, has pink eyelids instead of the classic yellow/orange look, and has a wider variety of colors in her hair. Her slim bird tongue that even the earlier version retained is replaced with a wider monster tongue.
Predecessor Puppets and Planning
Die erste Tiffy
Prototype (unused, 1977) This is the unused prototype made by Kermit Love in the Muppet Workshop in Manhattan. This Tiffy looks completely different from her eventual appearance on Sesamstrasse, as exampled by her physical appearance that is easily identified as a bird.