Tim Daly and Grover on Kimmel 2004

Tim Daly (b. 1956) is an actor best known for appearing on the NBC sitcom Wings and voicing the titular character on Superman: The Animated Series.

During an April 2005 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Daly responded to his dislike of Sesame Street by claiming that the show is responsible for attention deficit disorder citing its flashy presentation of letters and numbers on the screen. Kimmel suggested the actor take it up with Grover, who was the talk show's next guest and promised that he and the monster would go one-on-one in the next segment.

After Grover is introduced, he turned to Daly to declare that he's not speaking to him. Grover quickly assures him the statement was made in jest and immediately tells Daly that he was great in Sideways (which had been released that year and featured Daly's Wings co-star Thomas Haden Church, who received an Oscar nomination for the role). Kimmel and Daly reacted to the deep cut suggesting Daly's success had not met with the same notoriety following his departure from Wings. Toward the end of the interview, Kimmel commented that he hoped things would get ugly between them in the green room. Grover assumes Daly was just kidding with him, but Daly strikes back, "I know that the people on Sesame Street also invented Ritalin, so..." Grover promises he'll be wearing his superhero outfit when they meet later after the show.

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