Tim Lagasse and Barnaby B. Busterfield from Between the Lions


Lagasse and one of his puppet creations

Tim Lagasse is an award-winning puppeteer, puppet designer/fabricator, and film maker.

He earned his BFA from The University of Connecticut's Puppet Arts Program. Upon graduating, he became the first student to receive the Jim Henson Memorial Prize in Puppetry. His series A Show of Hands (which he wrote and puppeteered) won him a number of awards as well. Lagasse acts as a puppeteering consultant, and creates puppet films for stations like PBS, MTV, HBO, and Nickelodeon. He played puppet lead Crash on the Disney Channel series Crash & Bernstein. He enjoys performing puppetry for a more mature audience also, and does so at various puppet events and slams across New York and New England.

In addition to his performance credits, Tim also teaches the art of puppetry, lecturing at the Lincoln Center Foundation and instructing students on modern television puppet techniques at the Puppet Arts Program at the University of Connecticut and the O'Neill Theatre Center Puppetry Conference.

Muppet/Creature Shop credits

Non-Henson Credits

  • Oobi: Puppet Coordinator, Oobi
  • Between the Lions: Barnaby B. "Buster" Busterfield III, Artie Smartypants, Gus the Bunny, Watson the Duck, Theo Lion (Substitute for season 3 only)
  • Blue's Room: Polka Dots, Puppet designer and builder
  • Johnny and the Sprites: Basil
  • Allegra's Window: Mr. Cook, Tweeter
  • It's a Big Big World: Ick and Wartz, director for some episodes
  • The Book of Pooh: Ensemble puppeteer
  • Chappelle's Show: Knee High Park
  • Imagination Movers: Warehouse Mouse puppet designer
  • Once Upon a Tree: Jasper the Hare, Bleu the Cricket
  • Crash & Bernstein: Crash
  • Helpsters: Scatter, puppet captain


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