Robbins as "Spring" in Prairie Dawn's "Seasons" pageant.

Tim Robbins (b. 1958) is an Academy Award-winning actor, screenwriter, director and producer. He was the longtime companion of actress Susan Sarandon, with whom he shares strong liberal political views. Robbins has played memorable roles in many films, including Bull Durham, The Player, Bob Roberts, The Shawshank Redemption, Mission to Mars]], and Mystic River.

Robbins has appeared on Sesame Street twice. In 1990, he recorded two inserts -- performing in Prairie Dawn's pageant about the seasons, and talking about surprises with Elmo (EKA: Episode 3015).

In 1997, he rented a room at the Furry Arms Hotel, where he shared a room with Muppet animals.

Robbins told Sesame Street Magazine that "he had a great time taping the show":

Robbins first became acquainted with the Muppet gang in his babysitting days. Now, as a dad, he's begun watching the show all over again. "What's always attracted me to Sesame Street is that it's a safe zone on television for kids," he says. "It's also a multiracial experience that's reflective of the country I know and love." Asked why he decided to appear on the show, Robbins gives three reasons: his children, Eva, Jack Henry, and Miles. Not only do his kids love the show, but two of them have even shared the Sesame Street spotlight with their dad. In 1990, Eva, then five years old, appeared at the end of the Prairie Dawn segment; this season five-year-old Miles taped three segments with Baby Bear, which will air throughout the season.


  • "D Is for Dad", P.J. Tanz. Sesame Street Magazine, June 1997.

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