A number of Sesame Street segments involved certain characters being given a task to accomplish in fifteen seconds, with a time clock appearing behind them. Usually, the characters wouldn't accomplish these tasks until the very last second, usually due to them thinking that the amount of time given is not enough. The segments debuted in Season 28.

The format was also incorporated into a 1996 PBS promo spot starring Grover.


Picture Subject / First Appearance Description
(First: Episode 3527)
Grover and Rosita have fifteen seconds to talk about love. However, Grover does not think that they can talk about love in fifteen seconds.
S Word
(First: Episode 3551)
Prairie Dawn gives Grover 15 seconds to say an S word, but Grover has trouble thinking of an S word, especially since the ticking of he clock is too distracting.
(First: Episode 3617)
Humphrey gives Baby Natasha 15 seconds to show what a nose is. She grabs Humphrey's nose, but won't let go.
Find the A
(First: Episode 3640)
Big Bird gives Grover 30 seconds to find the Letter A. Grover has a hard time, especially with the "big pink thing-a-ma-jig" in the way.
(First: Episode 3646)
Maria (in voice-over) gives Humphrey, Ingrid, and Baby Natasha 15 seconds to show what between means, but they don't get it right until after the time is up.
T Word
(First: Episode 3784)
Telly Monster is given 15 seconds to say a word that begins with the letter T.
(First: Episode 3892)
Prairie Dawn announces that in the next 15 seconds, Grover will show surprise, but Grover doesn't think he can in just 15 seconds.

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