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PERFORMER Richard Hunt
DEBUT 1973
PATTERN Pumpkin Orange

Timmy Twiddlebug is the son of Thomas and Tessie Twiddlebug. His sister is Tina Twiddlebug. They first appeared on Sesame Street in Season 5 (1973).

Timmy was first made as a Hot Pink Little Anything Muppet, but in most of his appearances, he was pumpkin orange

Usually, Richard Hunt used a typical little boy voice (often identical to voices he would use for female characters), which would be even more high-pitched when sped-up. On a few occasions, Hunt used a normal male-sounding voice, which would still sound high-pitched when sped-up.

Jerry Nelson performed the character in "Get Along." Later, in a sketch produced in the mid-90s, Timmy was performed by Peter Linz.