Songs from Sesame English
Released 2001
Format CD
Label Berlitz Languages
Cat no. ISBN 2 8315 5433 0

Tingo 4: Songs and Chants is a CD from the Berlitz Kids learning program Sesame English. It teaches children to understand the English language in a fun way.

Track listing

  1. Hello Song
  2. Someone's on the Train with Tingo
  3. We'll Look at the Bus Chant
  4. North, South, East, West Chant
  5. Sky and Ocean Chant
  6. We'll Be Sailing on the Ocean in a Boat
  7. Red and Orange, Green and Blue
  8. We'll Be Swimming in the Ocean
  9. What Colour Is the Ocean Chant?
  10. Did You Ever See Tingo?
  11. Ridin' Round the Mountain
  12. Someone's on the Train with Tingo (longer version)
  13. Over the Mountain
  14. I'll Wear My Jeans Chant
  15. We'll Be Riding on a Horse
  16. Are You Sleeping, Tingo?
  17. I Am a Dinosaur Chant
  18. When I'm Learning English
  19. If You're Happy and You Know It
  20. Baby Dinosaur Chant
  21. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
  22. Star/Moon At Night
  23. I Like Shapes Chant
  24. We're Looking out the Window
  25. Inside/Outside Chant
  26. We Can Spin, Spin, Spin Chant
  27. The Lion Came Over the Mountain
  28. We Can Spin, Spin, Spin Chant (longer version)
  29. I Like Lions Chant
  30. Lions, Lions Everywhere
  31. Did You Ever See a Hippo?
  32. The Itsy Bitsy Spider
  33. Spiders Are Our Friend Chant
  34. Butterflies Everywhere
  35. Wheels on the Truck
  36. North, South, East, West Chant (reprise)
  37. We'll Ride on the Bus Chant
  38. We're Going to Pack a Suitcase
  39. ABC Song
  40. Goodbye Song


Production credits

  • Original music arranged and performed by Jeff Waxman
  • Produced by Paul Ruben Productions, Inc.
  • Executive Producer: Barbara Levadi
  • Graphic Design: Mike Strouth Design
  • Editorial Consultant: Ellen Y. Garin