Toccata moutons.jpg
Written by Jean-François Ferrané
Illustrator Rémi Peltzer
Published 1978
Publisher Mengès
ISBN 2856200567

Toccata additionne ses moutons + Mordicus et ses soustractions (Toccata Adds His Sheep + Mordicus and His Subtraction) is a 1978 1, Rue Sésame book about numbers.


Toccata additione ses moutons: After a sleepless night of counting sheep, Toccata wants to have his friends over for tea. Mordicus and he add up the number of petit-fours to order for each friend, and how many they need of each flavor - including grouchy ones for Mordicus. Mordicus accidentally eats the wrong ones, leaving the grouchy ones for the others. That night, Toccata has a nightmare about counting chicken legs...
Mordicus et ses soustractions: Toccata and Mordicus play a game where they each catch butterflies and add up the spots on their wings for points. Each time a butterfly escapes, they subtract that number of points.

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