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Muppet Farts Sampler

Piggy witch farted

"It looks like I farted."


Jim Henson in a toilet in Time Piece.

Beaker toilet instagram

Animal surprises Beaker in the toilet.


Grover showcases a "kitty cat sitting on the potty" to help promote


"Sesame Street was brought to you today by the letter P and by the number 2." (Elmo's Potty Time)


Hoggle pees into a pool.

You know, toilet jokes are funny but you don't keep telling toilet jokes all the time. It's the easy way out.

While the Muppets most commonly have an image of innocence, their material can sometimes dip into the area of potty humor. This list includes instances of flatulence and references to relieving oneself of other bodily functions for the purposes of comedy.

  • The Muppet Meeting Film "Let's Have the Dam Break" has Grump needing to relieve himself while Leo delivers his accounting report, which is riddled with phrases that remind Grump how much he needs to go.
Waldorf: "Fire Down Below", great number.
Statler: Thanks.
Waldorf: Thanks? You didn't write "Fire Down Below".
Statler: No, but the guy who did had just had a bowl of my chili.
  • In The Great Muppet Caper, Gonzo, Kermit, and Fozzie use Pops's only bathroom as a darkroom to develop photos of the jewel thief. Pops yells at them to hurry up; "There are people dancin' up and down on one leg out here!". Unfortunately for them, several desperate people break the door down, and the bright light ruins their photos.
  • While watching home videos in A Muppet Family Christmas, Janice spots Baby Rowlf and says, "Oh, look! There's Rowlf when he was just a wee little puppy!" Rowlf the Dog responds, "Not so wee -- I was paper-trained!"
  • During The Tale of the Story Beyond the Tale, Gonzo asks Rizzo if he reads the credits in movies. Rizzo replies, "I don't go to the movies to read. I go to the bathroom for that." Referencing the practice of reading in the bathroom to pass the time while one waits to make a bowel movement.
  • In the Dinosaurs episode "How to Pick Up Girls," Spike gets Robbie to drink eight glasses of water so that he can "mark his territory" on his crush's lawn. Just as he starts to hose down a bush, the police arrive to take them away.
  • In the Dinosaurs episode "The Son Also Rises", Fran tells Robbie he needs to fix their clogged toilet. He simply tells her that toilets are everywhere, citing bushes and trees as examples.
  • In the Seinfeld Babies sketch on Muppets Tonight episode 107, Baby Jerry says that whoever goes the longest without soiling their diaper, wins the contest. Baby Kramer proceeds to do his business and declares, "I'm out."
  • During The Real World: Muppets sketch in Muppets Tonight episode 208, Rizzo tells his housemates that they've been living together long enough that they can stop marking their territory. Bobo says, "It won't happen again... starting now."
  • Gary Cahuenga is released from his trunk in Muppets Tonight episode 210 and realizes he hasn't gone to the bathroom in over 40 years. Later in the episode, Johnny Fiama says he's laughing so hard, he's going to wet his pants.
  • When Piggy gets home in Muppets from Space, she shares some good news with her housemates, then runs upstairs excitedly shouting, "I gotta pee!"
  • In "The Muppets on Muppets", the Muppets speak about preparing a pu-pu platter for parties with heavy subtext on meanings of the phrase other than hors d'oeuvres.
  • When speaking of The Muppet Show and working with Jim Henson in "The Muppets on Muppets", Gonzo says it's like a passing ethos. Rizzo quips, "Are you passing ethos again?"
Statler: Why are we having so much trouble getting online?
Waldorf: It says here we might be having trouble with our download.
Statler: A man can only eat so much fiber.
  • Later in the movie, The Wizard fills The Scarecrow's head with bran cereal (known to assist the digestive system with making bowel movements). Scarecrow immediately needs to rush off to the bathroom to make such a movement, as Bunsen and Beaker giggle.
  • Appearing on Rove Live in 2008, Rove McManus tells Elmo that when he climbs the Sydney Harbour Bridge, there's nowhere to go to the bathroom. Elmo says it won't be a problem since he wears no clothes, so he can just go. He follows up with an academic question, "You know what color yellow and red makes? Orange! (That's terrible)."
  • Embarrassed at the thought of sitting on a toilet where others can see her, Mary opts to stand when Gonzo offers her a seat at his plumbing warehouse in The Muppets. A blooper from this scene involves Amy Adams flubbing the line as "I think I'll sit" instead of "I think I'll stand", causing additional on-set embarrassment for the actress.
  • In outtakes from The Muppets, Amy Adams jokes with Jason Segel about poo getting stuck in a bear's fur.
  • At The Secret Policeman's Ball in 2012, Statler and Waldorf wondered why everyone was playing with their cell phones, to which John Oliver answered "They're tweeting!" Waldorf replied, "Yeah, eating those sidewalk hot dogs will do that to you."
  • The "Muppisode" "Food Fight" begins with the Muppets standing in a line for what they think is the bathroom. At the end of the episode, and following a lengthy contest, Floyd says they should have found the bathroom. Animal apologizes, implying he had an "accident" of some sort in the van.
  • Kermit tells Fozzie in Muppets Most Wanted that they have a solid week booked in Poopenburgen.
  • The extended cut of Muppets Most Wanted includes a scene between Dominic Badguy and Constantine referring to each other by their code names, Number One and Number Two. Scooter overhears the conversation from behind a door making the conversation sound like they're trying to help each other relieve themselves in the bathroom.
  • A blooper in Muppets Most Wanted features Waldorf laughing in a way that sounds like a fart, prompting Statler to look at his butt.
  • When interviewed in 2014 by NPR, Raya told the joke "why did the superhero go to the toilet? Because it was her duty [doody]!"[1]
  • Jay Leno invites Fozzie Bear to try out his Japanese toilet in The Muppets episode "Hostile Makeover." Fozzie assures him that he'll drink plenty of water at the party.
  • In a 2019 web video celebrating "Talk Like a Pirate Day," Pepe tells Kermit that someone forgot to swab the poop decks and starts fanning his face with a pirate flag.

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  2. Do Bears shit in the woods?
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