PERFORMER Jerry Nelson Tom
  Dave Goelz Dick
  John Lovelady Harry
DEBUT 1976

Tom, Dick, and Harry are also collectively known as the Three-Headed Monster. They had a major role in episode 119 of The Muppet Show and made brief appearances in episode 120, where Kermit mentioned their names ("I can't have every Tom, Dick, and Harry walking backstage. Hi, Tom. Hi, Dick. Hi, Harry.")

It is possible that Dick is the female of the group. When asked which of them is the leader, Tom looks to his left (to Dick and Harry), saying "He is." Dick looks to her right, to Tom, saying "He is." Harry, looking at his right, to Dick, says "She is."  However, Dick's scrunched face reaction to Harry's line, as well as Kermit's reaction line, "In fact, they've got lots of problems", could imply that Harry is wrong about Dick's gender.

The trio make a background appearance in The Muppet Show Comic Book: Pigs in Space, where they are seen arm-wrestling Bender from the science fiction series Futurama, but instead of green fur and green (Tom), pink (Dick) and blue (Harry) faces, they appear in the comic with white fur and yellow faces.

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