The evolution of Tommie.

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Sesamstraat Season 1
The first Tommie was designed and built by Ton Hasebos. For the character, he used an old fur coat. The puppet was performed with arm-rods and was voiced by Stef van der Linden, who gave the character a high enthusiastic voice. For this season only, Tommie was an inventor, who walked on fours and lived in a crate (in order to hide his puppeteer). His catchphrase was "Weerrrrr niet gelukt!" ("Failed again!") whenever one of his inventions exploded.
Sesamstraat Seasons 2-3
The second Tommie was also designed and built by Ton Hasebos. His eyes are changed to make him look less wild and the puppet was no longer performed by arm-rods, but was a live-hand character instead. He is also much larger than the previous puppet, and occasionally hangs out in a dumpster can (somewhat similar to Oscar's trash can). For this version, Tommie was performed by Martin Pragt.
Sesamstraat Season 4
This version more closely resembled a dog but has eyes making him more like a teddy bear. His eyes were round and yellow, and his nose was more like today's version. He still kept a stuffed-animal look instead of a Muppet-inspired design. This version only lasted for the fourth season only. Starting with this season, Bert Plagman started performing Tommie, and became his performer ever since.
Sesamstraat Season 5
Tommie is redesigned for the first time by CTW and the Muppet Workshop. He lost his teddy bear appearance and looked more Muppet-like. A mustache and eyelids were added, and the character began wearing all sorts of things on his head. His nose also becomes a bit smaller. His voice also becomes more hoarse.
Sesamstraat Season 18
A slightly updated version of Tommie is made. More facial hair and a slightly dark fur were the most prominent differences, along with a change in his head shape to make him look younger.
The color of his fur changed to a warm brown and more facial hair was added.
Alternate Tommie Puppets and Characters
Sesamstraat Live
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