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PERFORMER Deana Al-saleh
DEBUT 2003

Juljul and Tonton.

Tonton is a main character in Hikayat Simsim, the Jordanian co-production of Sesame Street.

Her appearance is similar to that of Sesame Street's Merry Monster, but with much wilder hair. Much like Elmo, she speaks in the third person.

Tonton was used in early pitches for Ahlan Simsim and made a special appearance in one episode of the show.

Sesame Workshop description[]

β€œTonton may be very small in size, but she has a personality that’s larger than life. She is a very generous four-year-old girl and has a big heart. She is usually happy and altogether lovable but demonstrates great dismay when something upsets her. Tonton has deep concerns for the issues she cares about and lets nothing stand in her way. She absorbs knowledge like a sponge and is self-confident. She thinks she can do anything and knows everything. Her catch phrase is, β€œI know! I know!” Sometimes this makes her stubborn, but she always means well. Tonton loves to play soccer and would like to play professionally when she is older.”

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