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Tony Sabin Prince is an actor, model, skater, and dancer who performed body movement on Dinosaurs as Fran Sinclair, and has done similar work on various non-Henson productions.

Prince spent the early 1980s touring the country as a professional ice skater in the Ice Capades, two years and a summer at Knott's Berry Farm's Good Time Theater, Snoopy on Ice, and two Holiday Seasons, before moving to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career.

Prince's film debut came at age 18, in the film called The Devil and Max Devlin starring Bill Cosby and Elliott Gould. It was just an extra part, but it gave Prince an early knowledge of the film business workings.

In addition to Dinosaurs, Prince has worked on and off for The Jim Henson Company for sixteen years on such projects as The Country Bears, Frances, Nightmares & Dreamscapes, The Skrumps, TJ BearyTales, and Good Morning Today.

In other works, Prince likes to print model, and you can find him in a past Brazilian Magazine. His other works were in the music video as the "Beast" for the band called MYRIAD, Fuel TV as a Robot, the film T-Rex starring Whoopi Goldberg as Molly, and a national commercial for Silk Soy Milk, as Frank the Bull (in the USA) as Paul the Bull (in Canada).

Prince is also skilled in snowboarding, ice skating, dance and martial arts. In his off time he works on his secret passion, singing and dance.

Henson Credits

  • Good Morning Today: Rilcardo & Krish-Performance Capture (performer)
  • The Skrumps: Wishbone-Performance capture (performer)
  • The Country Bears: Zeb Zoober-Movie (suit performer)
  • TJ BearyTales: Performance Capture (performer)
  • Frances: Father Badger-Motion capture (suit performer)
  • Dinosaurs: Fran Sinclair-Series Regular (suit performer), Les (suit performer)

Non-Henson Credits

  • MYRIAD: The Beast-Music Video (suit performer)
  • Silk: Frank-Bull-National Commercial (suit performer)
  • Electro Man: Robot-Fuel TV (suit performer)
  • Justice For All: Beetle-Bug-Independent Movie Short (suit performer)
  • Theodore Rex: Molly Rex-Movie (suit performer)

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