Music by Mike Renzi
Lyrics by Christine Ferraro
Publisher Sesame Street, Inc.

Snuffy sings "Too Big" in Sesame Street Episode 4091, when Karina the Ballerina tells him that he's too big to dance ballet. Feeling left out, Snuffy laments that he's too big to do most of the fun things he wants to do. During the song, Gabi and Luis try to squeeze by Snuffy's massive build to enter 123 Sesame Street, while a mom (played by Jennifer Barnhart) with a baby carriage tries to pass Snuffy on the sidewalk.

The song is reprised later by Gabi, Luis, Maria and Big Bird as they try to convince Snuffy that's he's not too big at all. In fact, they love how big he is, and that it's part of what makes him who he is.