PERFORMER Bill Barretta voice
  Dave Goelz puppeteer
DEBUT 2008

Topo Sticky is a popsicle-stick puppet who interacts with Pepe the King Prawn in a sketch seen on the Muppets' Disney Extreme Digital channel. Topo converses with Pepe in a falsetto similar to Pepe's own voice and sings the prawn's praises. He asks Pepe for a kiss, and Pepe discovers that he tastes like fudge cream.

After Pepe leaves, however, Topo returns to the camera, explaining that he's actually Duke Remington, an actor, playing the part and that dirty popsicle sticks are a serious issue. Pepe is shocked by this and Remington's return to falsetto flattery does little to appease him.

Topo later appeared in a Secret Elevator Tape, where he was all prepared to leave Pepe and train his new friend, Topo Pepe, but changed his mind when Topo Pepe left him for an act.

Topo Sticky's design is similar to Paul Christie's character Stick Stickly (from the series Nick in the Afternoon), while his name is reminiscent of frequent Ed Sullivan Show guest Topo Gigio.

While Topo Sticky's voice is provided by Bill Barretta, Dave Goelz does the actual puppetry for the character when interacting with Pepe.[1]


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