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Toughpigs logo
Active August 13, 2001 - present
Type unofficial fansite
Creator Danny Horn

Tough Pigs is a Muppet fan website created on August 13, 2001. Subtitled "Muppet Fans Who Grew Up," the site is a collection of essays, reviews and news blurbs written in a tongue-in-cheek style.

The site was created by Danny Horn, who published MuppetZine for five years in the mid-90s and is now one of Muppet Wiki's chief administrators.

From 2001 through 2005, Horn wrote articles and reviews for the site. In late 2005, Horn co-founded Muppet Wiki, and took a hiatus from Tough Pigs.

The website returned in January 2007, reformatted as a blog, written by Joe Hennes and Ryan Roe.

In 2010, the site partnered with The MuppetCast to create The Muppet Madness Tournament. In 2011, the site partnered with The MuppetCast and The Muppet Mindset to launch the short-lived On March 17, 2021, the site merged with The Muppet Mindset.

Walter is among the site's readers,[1] as is Kermit the Frog.[2]


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