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The Muppets Mayhem
Air Date May 10, 2023
Written by Jeff Yorkes
Director Matt Sohn

"Track 7: Eight Days a Week" is the seventh episode in the Disney+ series The Muppets Mayhem.


Nora and JJ team up to create a Beatles-inspired documentary about the band's album-making process.


Muppet Performers
Guest Starring



  • The episode title comes from The Beatles song "Eight Days a Week."
  • The styling of the episode is based around the documentary The Beatles: Get Back. Peter Jackson, who directed the documentary, guest-stars as himself in this episode.
  • Penny Waxman functions as a parody of Yoko Ono.
  • The full view of the calendar includes a multitude of gags and references. These include a doodle of Kermit the Frog (similar to one by Jim Henson), text references to the songs "Yesterday" and "Taxman," and a note marked on April 1st stating "Tell Lips he's adopted!"
  • The sticker on Floyd's bass says, "Mr. Bassman," a reference not only to the sticker on Paul McCartney's bass in the Get Back documentary, but also to the song "Mr. Bassman," which Floyd sang with Scooter on The Muppet Show.
  • Whilst being chased by Animal, JJ yells "Help! I need somebody!", the opening lyrics to The Beatles song "Help!"
  • As Lips leaves to call a Beatle, he mumbles "Love, love me do", the opening lyrics to The Beatles song "Love Me Do."
  • Dr. Teeth paraphrases Floyd's introduction of the band from The Muppet Movie, "We am, is, are, and be, they who are known as [just] the Electric Mayhem."
  • Series director of photography Craig Kief and key grip Bodie Hyman make cameos as a part of Peter Jackson's documentary crew.[1]


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