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Tristar Pictures (1995)

TriStar Pictures (spelled Tri-Star until 1991) is a film distributor. Founded in 1982 as a subsidiary of Columbia Pictures, TriStar was purchased along with its parent company by Sony in 1992. While the studios continued as separate labels for theatrical releasing in the United States (though a single entity, Columbia TriStar Films, in Europe and elsewhere), their video and television libraries were merged into Columbia TriStar Home Video, later becoming Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

Prior to the purchase of the Muppets by the Walt Disney Company in 2004, Columbia TriStar was the primary home video distributor of Jim Henson Company properties, including the first three Muppet features, The Best of the Muppet Show DVD releases, and many volumes of Bear in the Big Blue House. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment retains distribution rights to films produced under the Sony fold, including those released theatrically by TriStar.

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