Elmo sings "Riding My Tricycle".

Abby on her tricycle in episode 4210.

Murray on a tricycle.

Tricycles, those beloved three-wheeled children's vehicles, have generally been less prominent than bicycles in the physical world of the Muppets. However, in recent years, they've gained traction on Sesame Street. In particular, Elmo rides a tricycle as seen on a number of occasions, notably the song inserts "Riding My Tricycle" (later performed at A Capitol Fourth) and "Elmo's Riding." The trike was prominently featured in the plot of episode 4141.

It was Kevin Clash's idea to have Elmo ride a tricycle, and he purchased the tricycle, which had an adjustable frame and seat that could be made bigger or smaller.

At first the idea to have Elmo ride a tricycle was rejected due to budget, but two years later, in 2005, Elmo finally rode a tricycle on the show. The Elmo puppet was radio-controlled when he rode his tricycle. Matt Vogel operated the tricycle via a small black box with an antenna and some switches, while Kevin Clash used a radio-controlled mitt to transmit signals to Elmo.[1] The October 2009 online issue of Sesame Street Magazine has an illustration of Elmo on his tricycle, with Dorothy's bowl on the back.

The animatronic was refit for Episode 4210, to feature Abby Cadabby on the tricycle.[2]) The radio controls for the segment were done by Leslie Carrara and Paul McGinnis.[3]

Murray Monster attends Bike Riding School in episode 4502 and is seen riding a tricycle in full body form.

Outside of the show, tricycles were also used by photo puppet versions of Zoe and Elmo in the book Big Enough for a Bike.

On social network TotSpot, Abby Cadabby listed among her favorite activities "riding tricycles with Elmo and Rosita."

Tricycles also play an important part on the Muppet Babies reboot series, whenever the characters venture out into the Wild West (where the tricycles behave like horses), or go on races through the desert in their imagination.


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