PERFORMER Maria Conchita Alonso
DEBUT 1996
DESIGN Santiago Cohen designer

Troubles the Cat was the star and title character of a regular animated segment on Big Bag. Created from a proposal by a five-year-old girl, Marina Mendez, and Karen Mendez Smith, "Troubles the Cat" focused on a group of Latino kids, especially Marina and her cat Troubles. Troubles herself is a wise feline who often helps the kids find solutions, and encourages viewers at home to use their "troublescopes" (paper towel tube) to find out if someone is happy, sad, or mad. Troubles was noted in newspaper reviews, including The Christian Science Monitor, as one of the best short segments on the series, and along with Koki, it was the only one to be carried over for the second season of Big Bag. Twenty four segments were produced in all. Troubles and friends also starred in a Little Golden Book, Troubles the Cat: It's Magic.


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