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Troy Byer (b. 1964) is an actor, author, and Doctor of Psychology who began her TV career as one of the Kids on Sesame Street, most notably playing Sally in the very first episode of the series.[1] She appeared on the show until she was twelve years old.[2]

Subsequent roles included Knots Landing, a regular spot on Dynasty, the Showtime TV movie Uncle Tom's Cabin (with Phylicia Rashad), and feature films like Eddie (with Whoopi Goldberg) and John Q (with Denzel Washington). She wrote and appeared in the 1997 film B*A*P*S*, which starred Halle Berry, and in 2017 she published the book How to Be a Responsibly Powerful Bitch.

In a 1987 interview, Byer recalled how she auditioned for the show:

Her mother, Hannah Parks . . . took the three-year-old to a Sesame Street audition . . . The job hinged on whether or not Troy was afraid of Big Bird. But when Big Bird came out, she screamed with laughter. "I thought I was dying. Then he took his head off his body to show me his human head, but my little brain could not compute. I screamed and ran and knocked things over." Yet the producers were impressed enough to give her another audition. She got the job and until age 12 was a regular on the still popular children's show. (Her older brother, Gregory, had already been on the show for two years.)[2]


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