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Truro daydreams.jpg
Songs from
Released 2009
Format CD
Label Independently pressed
Cat no. 94922 47949

Truro Daydreams is an album written and performed by Jerry Nelson, with help from other Muppet performers, including Kevin Clash, Fran Brill, Tyler Bunch, Leslie Carrara-Rudolph, Stephanie D'Abruzzo, and other musicians and performers who have been involved with various Muppet and Sesame Street projects over the years.

The song "Be Positive" was featured in the "Oops!" segment of Episode 101 of The Secret Life of Toys.

Jim Henson, Richard Hunt, Jon Stone and Christine Nelson are all referenced in the song "Eye of the Storm."

The album's cover art was painted by Jerry Nelson's wife Jan.

The album was also made available for download at various music sites.

Track listing

  1. Alligators
  2. Little Red
  3. Lazy Day, Bumble Bees
  4. Be Positive
  5. Hoboken Honey
  6. Zanzibar
  7. Tides
  8. Noah's Arc
  9. Eye of The Storm
  10. Get Yourself Free, Happy Little Song


  • Engineered at Nola Sounds Studios
  • John Post
  • Jim Czak – Engineer
  • Bill Moss – Assistant Engineer
  • Produced by: Kevin Clash, Paul Rudolph & Jerry Nelson
  • Mixed by: Paul Rudolph
  • Mastering by: Gabriel Moffat
  • Photography by: Richard Termine
  • Cover art and design: Jan Nelson

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