Miss Piggy: "Mi mi mi mi, mi mi mi mi!"

Twice Upon a Time is a 1983 animated film directed by John Korty, long-time Sesame Street animator. The film, Korty's only animated feature, used the same visual style and many of the same crew as his Sesame shorts, a form of cutout animation.

One of the characters, Ibor the robot gorilla, has a television for a face, which he continually adjusts, transmitting clips from films and TV shows to express his points. The very first clip, during the film's opening credits and Ibor's introduction, is of Miss Piggy from The Muppet Show (episode 409), clearing her throat and singing "Mi mi mi mi!" In the film's context, this is Ibor's means of introducing himself.

Other clips include Henry Winkler from Happy Days, Abbott and Costello, and Darth Vader from Star Wars. The film was executive produced by George Lucas, and future Fight Club director David Fincher worked on special effects.


  • Animator/writer Brian Narelle and designer Harley Jessup, both veterans of Korty's Thelma Thumb series, worked on the film.
  • James Cranna voiced Rod Rescueman, Scuzzbopper, the Frivoli Foreman, and appeared in a still photo as a street preacher.
  • Judith Kahan Kampmann voiced the fairy godmother.
  • Walt Kraemer provided the sound design.
  • Julie Payne voiced Flora Fauna.
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