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  Frank Oz
DEBUT 1965

The Two-Headed Muppet Monster is a character that appeared on Fanfare and The Mike Douglas Show. This creature should not be confused with the Two-Headed Monster from Sesame Street.

On Fanfare, the monster chatted with Al Hirt and sang "You're Just in Love" (with slightly altered lyrics such as "I keep tossing in his sleep at night - and what's more, I've lost his appetite!").

Later, they appeared on The Mike Douglas Show where they chatted with Mike Douglas before singing "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off".

In the 1960s, the character appeared in an ad for the Federal Housing Administration.[1] Later, one of the monster's heads was used for a cow in The Muppets on Puppets.

In an appearance on The Merv Griffin Show in 1983, Frank Oz recalls that the monster was his first speaking role with the Muppets.

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  1. ↑ shown at Museum of the Moving Image in May 2016 as part of "Henson in High Definition: The Early Years"