Book.Two Can Share, Too
Based on "Share, Bear"
Published 1999
Adapted by Janelle Cherrington
Illustrator Normand Chartier
Original story Andy Yerkes
Pages 22
Publisher Simon Spotlight
ISBN 0-689-8233-04

Two Can Share, Too is a Bear in the Big Blue House storybook.

Bear is enjoying a relaxing day when he hears his name called loudly. Treelo wants to play with Ojo's stuffed toy, Snow Bear, but Ojo wants to keep Snow Bear to herself. Bear thinks of way that they can play together.

The events of this book vary significantly from the episode on which it's based. The book focuses almost entirely on the story of the dispute over Snow Bear, including only trace elements of other aspects of the plot. Changes include:

  • In the TV episode, Bear and Luna talk about how he played "Snow Bear in the Woods" when he was a kid. In the book, Bear tells Ojo and Treelo this.
  • In the TV episode, Tutter makes a large sandwich and does not want to share it with Pip and Pop. In the book, Tutter's sandwich is only seen on the last page and he offers to share it with Bear.
  • The picnic is held outside in the book. In the TV version, it's raining outside, so the picnic is held in the Big Blue House.

Two Can Share, Too is the fifth of seven stories included in the compilation book Bear's Storytime Favorites.