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Written by Dan Elliott
Illustrator Joe Mathieu
Published 1984
Publisher Random House
Series Sesame Street Start-to-Read
ISBN 0394865863

Two Wheels for Grover is a 1984 storybook featuring Grover.

Grover's Uncle Jed picks him up from Sesame Street for a two week trip with his cousins, Rosie and Frank, in the country. When he arrives his Aunt Edna has made a picnic lunch to welcome him, and after they are done eating, Rosie invites Grover to ride bikes.

Grover points out to Rosie that he doesn't have a bike, but she says that he can ride Frank's old bike, unaware that Grover does not know how to ride a bike. Embarrassed to tell her, Grover instead says that his Mommy will not let him ride a bike, so he plays with Frank in the tree house instead.

The next morning Aunt Edna says she has called his Mommy and asked permission for Grover to ride a bike, but he complains of a sore foot that will render him unable to pedal. So for the rest of vacation the three cousins swim, play hide-and-seek, and eat ice cream, as Grover has an excuse every day as to why he cannot ride.

But when Frank discovers Grover cannot ride, he offers to teach his furry blue cousin. Grover at first declines, saying Big Bird had tried to teach him, but failed. After some reassuring and slow starts, Grover succeeds and he is able to go see Farmer Finn who is giving away free kittens. After picking out his new kitten, Speedy, Grover returns home, where he tells his Mommy about his accomplishments, giving her an idea for his next birthday present.


  • Grover
  • Grover's Mother
  • Uncle Jed
  • Aunt Edna
  • Rosie
  • Frank
  • Big Bird (mentioned only)