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Tyler Bunch with Louie


Tyler Bunch with Louie


Tyler Bunch at Hooper's Store


Tyler Bunch and Herry Monster at From Broadway With Love in 2013.

Bunch web

Tyler Bunch demonstrating with Anything Muppets at the Museum of TV and Radio.


Bunch and Louie on the Sesame Street set in a "Sesame Street Memories" video.


Characters collage, including Muppets, puppets, cartoons, and on-camera, assembled by Tyler Bunch on Twitter.[1]

Tyler Bunch (b. February 10, 1970) has worked as a Muppet performer since joining the cast of Sesame Street in 1993.

Initially hired as an occasional background puppeteer for Sesame productions, Bunch's big break came with Bear in the Big Blue House, where he performed Treelo, Pop, and Doc Hogg. Bunch eventually rejoined Sesame Street as a regular performer, playing a variety of one-shot ancillary characters: mainly announcers, game show hosts, and parody Muppets. His main Sesame character is Elmo's dad, Louie, a role he inherited from Bill Barretta. He also performed Rosita's dad, Ricardo, until 2022.

Bunch sang the remake of the "Ten Turtles" animated insert and the theme song for the Sesame parody "True Mud," and voiced various animated characters for the recurring segments Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures and Abby's Flying Fairy School. He voiced Jack Bowser and others on the 2009 revival of The Electric Company.

His puppetry work outside of the Muppets includes Between the Lions (as Dr. Nitwhite), The Book of Pooh (puppeteering Tigger to Jim Cummings' voice), Oobi (Grampu), It's a Big Big World (Winslow, Riona the Baby Sloth), Crank Yankers, and the Jim Henson Company show Julie's Greenroom (Hugo).

Bunch works extensively in voice-over, including announcing, narration, and commercials, as well as video games like the GTA and Red Dead franchises. Often heard in non-union projects credited as H. D. Quinn, voiced Duck and others and was a creative producer on the PBS animated WordWorld. Dubbing for anime includes parts on Pokémon (Incineroar and others), Yu-Gi-Oh! Vrains (Dr. Genome), and others, in addition to live-action dubbing and animated imports from Russia and elsewhere.

As an on-camera actor, Bunch has appeared in several Law & Order franchise shows (including Criminal Intent and SVU), recurred on the Amazon Prime series The Tick, and appeared in other projects shot in New York City.

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